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Cohesion, Wuhan Orid 2019 Autumn Tour Group Sharing

"After the fresh rain in the empty mountains, the weather will be late in the autumn. The bright moon and pines will shine, and the springs will be high.

9 21 公司组织员工参加 仙岛湖 一日游,旨在通过 游活动让大家在 金秋 的季节放飞心情,远离紧张的工作压力,与大自然亲密接触,从而激发对工作和生活的热情。 On September 21 , 2019 , the company organized employees to participate in a one-day tour of Xiandao Lake , aiming to let everyone relax in the golden autumn season through autumn activities , away from stressful work pressure, and intimate contact with nature, thereby inspiring work and life. Passion.

行政部 提前准备、统筹安排,早上 七点半 大家在公司集合。 The company's administrative department prepared and arranged in advance, and everyone gathered at the company at 7:30 in the morning . 2 个小时的车程我们到达了目的地 在停好车后大家直奔游客服务中心。 We reached our destination after a two -hour drive . After parking the car, everyone went straight to the tourist service center.

A 线(观音洞+望仙崖+体验玻璃栈道含船)和西线(仙福山—仙龙岛—仙湖画廊)两条线路中二选一了,大家经过商议选择了 A 线游。 When buying tickets at the ticket office, I was told that the full line tour takes two days, and one day tour can only be on line A (Guanyin Cave + Wangxian Cliff + experience glass boardwalk with boat) and the west line (Xianfushan-Xianlong Island-Xian Lake Gallery) One of the two routes was selected. After discussion, everyone chose the A- line tour. After buying A-line tickets and boat tickets, everyone gathered at the gate of the ticket office to kick off the first ceremony of today's tour-call


Group photo before boarding

When we boarded the pier, the cruise ship pulled up a white "human" spray, which carried us between the islands and headed for the first attraction. Bathed in the cool autumn wind, listening to the beeping sound of the cruise ship, watching the clear green lake water around, feeling the beauty of the green mountains and green water. Not only was my heart full of emotion, but the water from the sky without any pollution was so different in different places that the water could really be green. I was really drunk before I even got on the island.

码头 Speedboat pier

Excited colleagues can no longer sit back and enjoy the scenery in the cabin. Under the leadership of President Huang, everyone rushed towards the stern to take photos with such beautiful scenery.

The beauty of green mountains and green water

Young handsome guys

线位于南山脚下的第一个景区望仙崖 About 20 minutes later, we boarded Wangxianya, the first scenic spot at the foot of Nanshan Line A. 望仙崖 三个大字的牌坊。 The first thing that caught my eye was the archway with the three characters " Wangxianya " .

Wangxianya Archway

沿台阶向上开始了登顶之旅。 After landing for half an hour at the Scenic Service Center, we started the ascent along the steps.

Climbing with everyone

I walked up the climbing trail along the archway, and I saw the first scene soon-Baxian Cave


After visiting Baxian Cave, continue to walk up the stone path, the slope becomes more and more, and the more physical exertion.

Handsome guys on the ground

A few young guys lead the way, watching the walking posture as light as the flat ground, so enviable, still young and good! About a quarter of an hour to climb to the top of the mountain, looking at the beautiful scenery in the distance suddenly feels very beautiful! All fatigue disappeared instantly.

Overlooking Xiandao Lake (left)

Overlooking Xiandao Lake (right)

世界三大千岛奇湖上的唯一一条玻璃栈道——望仙崖玻璃栈道。 Continue along the boardwalk on the mountain, and in a short time, you will reach the only glass boardwalk on the Three Great Thousand Island Lakes in the world-Wangxianya Glass Boardwalk.

Glass path

The entire boardwalk has a maximum drop of 220 meters and a minimum drop of 108 meters. Among them, the dangerous rock towers and the water and sky can be seen through the glass. You can enjoy the glaring lakes and towering mountains through the glass. small.

After walking across the glass path, we reached the Netswing Swing, a cliff swing. This is a very exciting project that requires a lot of courage to play, but this is not difficult for us!

Net Red Swing

After passing the dazzling glass path, it was time to swing through the endless net red swing. But the way down is more exciting, everyone slides down!

Massage slide

Glass water skiing

Is it very creative to go down the mountain in this way! Indeed, it is exciting to play!

After leaving Wangxianya Scenic Area to board the cruise ship, about ten minutes later, we came to the second scenic spot, Guanyin Cave, on the eastern route. Ascending the shore along the tree-lined road in the mountains, turning over several foothills, a floating bridge appeared in front of me. Cross the bridge to the shore and enter a promenade-style waterfront pavilion. The water stone wall inside the pavilion has a small hole with a water-stained milkstone structure. This is the legendary Guanyin cave.

Guanyin Cave

Leaving Guanyin Pavilion, circled all the way up to the entrance of Ruyuan Cave, which is located on the middle of the mountain. Above the cave, the four big red characters "Ruyuan Cave Sky" were engraved. Entering the hole, the coolness became more and more clear through the lungs. The water in the cave is constantly flowing year after year. The spring water is like the heavenly Yaochi, and it is sweet and clear. It is said that the hole is extremely deep, and only about kilometers have been developed so far.


After visiting the last Ruyuandongtian scenic spot, everyone went downhill aboard the return cruise ship. Perhaps it was tired and hungry. Everyone was a little sleepy without the excitement and passion when they came. After about twenty minutes of sailing, the cruise ship docked. It was already 3:30 in the afternoon after landing. After dinner, everyone agreed to return to Wuhan for a big meal.

After a two-hour drive, everyone finally returned to Wuhan. 大快朵颐 After the third ring, headed straight to Ya and Ruijing Yueyan Huashiyuan store, watching the table full of delicious dishes ordered by Chief Engineer Li, everyone drooled and flew immediately after seated . , 大家玩的开心、吃的开心! Rarely gathered together today , everyone has fun and eats! Like our Huang and Li Gong! !!

Have a big meal together

Through this autumn tour, not only did you enjoy the beautiful scenery, relax your body and mind, and relieve the pressure of work and life. At the same time, you also provided a platform for communication. All departments took advantage of this opportunity to actively communicate with each other for the future. Coordination and cooperation have laid a good foundation. I believe that in the future, employees will devote themselves to their jobs with fuller enthusiasm for work, and contribute their strength to the company's vigorous development.

, 我们扬帆起航 , 我们骄傲因为我们年轻,我们骄傲因为我们是一个团队,我们骄傲因为我是武汉欧立德电气有限公司一员! Beautiful autumn , we set sail , we are proud because we are young, we are proud because we are a team, we are proud because I am a member of Wuhan Olide Electric Co., Ltd.!

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